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GIVEAWAY: Uplifting Prize Pack

I’ve partnered with my friend Abby from Hewes Family Fun and we’re hosting my first giveaway of 2018.  One of Abby’s favorite things is meal planning, she makes use of a weekly planner to help her keep things organized.  One of my favorite things is note taking to keep myself organized and I LOVE cute pens and office supplies, like keep me away from Staples or Office Depot because I will lose my damn mind in there.  It’s like I’m a kid three weeks from the first day of school hoarding supplies I’ll never use and if it’s miniature size (like a tiny stapler), I’m all about it!  I have three currently.

Anyway, our giveaway offers some great items for getting and staying organized in this new year, a Unicorn pen, some other fun goodies and the best part…a Starbucks gift card!


This Uplifting Prize Pack includes:

Enter the giveaway here.  A winner will randomly be chosen on 1/27/2018.  Giveaway is open to all US residents.

Don’t forget to leave a comment as part of the mandatory first entry!

1 thought on “GIVEAWAY: Uplifting Prize Pack”

  1. We meal plan too. I even got the husband to participate. We just use regular paper. I bet it would be more satisfying if it was decorated with cool office supplies or tags. Cool idea ladies!

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