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Swap It To Me

One of the best ways to keep your budget in check is participating in local clothing or “stuff” swaps. Many of them are piece for piece. You drop off X amount of items and come back when the swap starts and choose the same amount of items. If you’ve got kids this is a great way to stock up on the next size of clothing or to swap out toys for the next age group. You’ll often find other treasures you weren’t expecting. Although sometimes you’ll come across some piles of junk (worn out or outdated pieces) for all that is crap there is always a lot that is good. For instance some of my best finds have been tons of brand new baby items, items with tags, new shoes, a pack and play, little outdoor chair for the baby, great books, dvds and so much more! It’s worth the time and minimal effort and the thrill of the hunt can be so fun. Included in this post are some pics of the awesome stuff we scored today at the Skyline Swap in San Diego. I found a stack of brand new polo shirts for the hubs and some items new with tags. You can Google “swaps” in your city and join local Facebook groups that host events. Finders Keepers have groups across the country or you check with local churches as swapping events are becoming a popular trend.

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